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OF VIRTUE Share Visuals for ‘Thanks For Nothing’

Get ready for a hefty shot of adrenaline with the newest video from Of Virtue for Thanks For Nothing

Of Virtue 2019

Michigan metalcore band Of Virtue have shared the video for Thanks For Nothing, their latest single lifted off upcoming album What Defines You which will be released on May 24th via Sharptone Records.

Headbang-inducing riffs combine with obliterating percussion to create a blistering intensity that is well matched by the dynamic visuals. Between a fiery performance from the band and a dizzying chase scene that will leave you with your heart in your throat, the video plays its part in raising your heartbeat and leaving you at the mercy of frontman Tyler Ennis’ crushing vocals.

Tyler explains:

Thanks For Nothing touches on the relationships and friendships that we put a lot of energy into and feel left empty in return because the other person gave us nothing positive to hold onto, not even effort. People we put our trust, time and even love into turn out not to be who we thought they were. It can really mess with your head and worse, make you feel worthless. Thanks For Nothing is a general middle finger to those people.

You can catch the band at their upcoming London show.


23 – London, The Underworld