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STARCRAWLER Share Video for ‘She Gets Around’

The LA Rock ‘n’ Roll band have released a cinematic music video for their new single, She Gets Around.

Starcrawler 2019

Starcrawler have only expanded their reputation since we last wrote about them. With their glam-meets-Stooges-like sound, their recent releases have spent weeks at number one and earned them well deserved attention. On top of their own material, Starcrawler have been asked to cover The Ramones’ Pet Sematary as part of the 2019 film, exposing them to a potential new audience.

In their newest music video, young lead singer Arrow de Wilde is seen suspended over the band like a manic angel. These shots are interchanged with shots of Arrow seemingly drowning, being dragged down by several hands, and shots of the band breaking statues with baseball bats. As the band explains:

[She Gets Around]’s about building someone up in your own head, only to have that mental image destroyed in seconds. Not everyone is actually an angel, and sometimes we have to destroy our own marble, saccharine image of them in order to move on.  Crow bars and baseball bats make it easier.

Starcrawler will release their new album later this year on Rough Trade, and meanwhile will be touring the US and Europe with Death Valley Girls, The Distillers, Beck, Cage The Elephant and Spoon.