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Live: BABYMETAL // O2 Academy Brixton, London

Hot off the back of their Glastonbury debut appearance, Japanese dance-metal sensation Babymetal took to the stage at London’s O2 Brixton for an exclusive one-off performance.


Babymetal walk onto O2 Academy Brixton’s stage in an eerie cult like formation. The lights are down and you can hardly see them but this doesn’t stop the crowd from cheering madly. Once in the centre of the stage the three girls are lit by spot light, wearing gothic style warrior outfits. They then go into to start the first song Megitsune.

Everything about Babymetal is powerful, from the insane choreography, perfectly executed vocals and killer outfits. The production is well thought out and there is never a dull moment. In the gaps between songs where the girls understandably need a very short break there is beautiful interlude music with impressive light shows. The energy the three girls bring to the stage is unparalleled, they just don’t stop, even when singing very difficult sounding vocal parts. Tonight is the first time Starlight and Syncopation were played outside of Japan and they were mind blowingly good.

Babymetal take songs that sound great recorded and turn it into a theatrical show where there is so much else going on complimenting the music perfectly. Their live show is incredibly impressive and it is understandable why they have earned the reputation of being a band that deliver such a brilliant live set.