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REAL AUTHORITY Unveil New Track ‘Depression Issues’

Real Authority’s new single Depression Issues demands attention with its heavy chugging guitar and relentless vocals.

Real Authority 2019

Depression Issues is the third single taken from the band’s upcoming debut EP, True Motion, which is out 26th July, and it is gearing up to be one hell of a piece.

Vocalist John James Davies has commented on the track:

Lyrically, it’s very bluntly about depression. I’m not trying to make a grand statement about it, just highlighting how dark and intense it can feel when you’re at your lowest. It was a good release for me to write the song as I hadn’t felt like I’d been able to properly talk about it in a song before.

Guitarist Johann Saul also says:

This is probably the heaviest track in our set. You’ve got Slayer-esque cymbal grabs, twisted spoken word passages, creepy organ parts, down tuned bendy riffs, and a brutal half time breakdown. A real journey through the fiery riffs of hell!

Real Authority are also playing the following live shows.


27 – Black Heart, Camden (supporting Grove Street Families)


07 – Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham (supporting Cancer Bats)