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SWMRS Shares Visuals for ‘Lose Lose Lose’

Crowdsurfing on top of elders, crashing an elders bingo session, ‘disruptive’ is certainly one way to describe the newest video from SWMRS for Lose Lose Lose

swmrs lll video 2019

Californian rockers SWMRS have shared the entertaining visuals for Lose Lose Lose, taken from their most recent album Berkeley’s On Fire. With a track as frenetic as this, it follows that the video shares in the same adrenaline rush. It’s a wild ride as the band performs in an elders bingo session, and then later on TV, and vocalist Cole Becker eventually ends up crowdsurfing on top of this aged crowd. Working with director Ambar Navarro, the band’s eclectic energy shines through and it would be hard to resist smiling at the bizarre events unfolding.

Explaining the video more, Cole says:

I always wanted to know what it would feel like to crowd surf if the average age of the crowd was 71 instead of 17. Ambar and I talked a lot about this video as a way of inverting the formula of Smells Like Teen Spirit. Being a young person in 2019 feels a lot more like being in an inhospitable bingo club than being in the hyper idealized vision of a punk show. You have all this energy and vision and passion to contribute to the world, and you’re constantly met with this sludgy rejection as if you’re intruding on someone else’s party.

You can catch the band at the following live dates.


21 – London, New Cross Inn

23 – Leeds, Leeds Festival

25 – Reading Festival