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WATERPARKS Announce New Album ‘FANDOM’

It’s finally happening.

Waterparks 2019

With the announcement of their third album, FANDOM, out on October 11th, the countdown is well and truly on.

Having entered their “green era” with the release of their previous single, Turbulent, Waterparks have now shared visuals for their brand new track Watch What Happens Next. What’s more, they are apparently dropping another new song later this week.

Never ones to compromise their vision and shy away from music experimentation, Waterparks have been doing things their own way since day one, and that continues with their new tune, Watch What Happens Next. A sizzling blend of pop punk energy with their signature unabashed honesty, their unmistakable swagger, and tongue-in-cheek lyricism, the track explores the theme of the hypocrisy of fandom and success along the struggle to burst past the shackles of labels, genres, and our culture.

Jam-packed with references to the band’s history, the video marks the directorial debut of Waterparks’ frontman, Awsten Knight and features quite a few surprises, including some friendly-looking alligators.

Mobilising the whole Parx fanbase on Twitter, the band also made a promise to share another new song on Thursday if #FANDOM hit the number one trending topic.

And that, obliviously, happened.

FANDOM is set for release on October 11th via Hopeless Records.

Waterparks Fandom 2019