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YOU ME AT SIX Return with New Single ‘What’s It Like’

Following in the footsteps of their peers who have bled their heavier style of music into more of an electronic feel, You Me At Six have released their first song since their album VI.

YMAS 2019

According to frontman Josh Franceschi, their latest single What’s It Like is about the band flexing their creative muscles, and trying new things in a fast-paced industry that can occasionally feel stagnant:

I feel as though we are living in a time where we’ve lost our way a little bit. There are great innovators and pioneers which we can rely on, but there is also a feeling of the blind leading the blind, and a lack of humility present.

As the pre-chorus builds to its climax, you are half expecting the drop to be like that feeling you get at 3am in the club when all your drinks have sunk in, and you’re riding a cloud of ecstasy. You Me At Six have dodged the predictable route, and instead turned the chorus into a kind of trap world doused in searing guitar riffs. You wouldn’t be shamed for expecting a special guest rap verse later in the song, given that the vocals take on a more spoken-word/hip-hop tone.

You Me At Six are continuing to push the boundaries on their sound. Sonically, they’re becoming unpredictable and it’s interesting to watch it all unfold.