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THORNHILL Unveil Video for ‘Where We Go When We Die’

Thornhill have released a brilliant but very confusing music video for Where We Go When We Die.

Thornhill 2019

The video ties together with the previous visuals for Nurture, taken from their upcoming album The Dark Pool.

Exploring the relationship humans have with earth, Where We Go When We Die is rather deep and quite difficult to comprehend but there are certainly messages there and the visuals are incredible. The song itself is blisteringly heavy, including a nice melodic side as well, exactly what you would want from Thornhill.

On the new single the Jacob Charlton has explained:

This song is not purely about whether religions and idols are real, or if there is anything after death, but more the fact that we try to fast track our lives to get to that ‘paradise’ more than we spend realising that we live in it. It’s more about killing our paradise (earth) now with hopes of finding another one or just shrugging it off to let future generations solve when it could truly become unsolvable.

The Dark Pool is out October 25th and if these first two singles are anything to go by, it is going to be sensational.