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COLD YEARS Drop Massive New Single ’62 (My Generation’s Falling Apart)’

Aberdonian rockers Cold Years are venting their frustration at the current state of the world with their political new single 62 (My Generation’s Falling Apart).

Cold Years 2019

Channelling their power and energy into music, Cold Years give a political commentary in the form of an anthemic new single, 62 (My Generation’s Falling Apart). A rally cry to the 62% of Scotland who voted remain and are forced to leave the EU, the track is a sizzling slice of rock that is sure to get you up on your feet. Full of passion and intensity, it comes at you at full throttle with its electrifying riffs, dynamic percussion, and expansive choruses.

Acting as a satirical attack on the global leaders, the lyric video for the song features caricatures of Boris JohnsonDonald TrumpNigel FarageNicola SturgeonAngela Merkel and The Queen. It’s pretty brilliant. Check it out below.

Speaking of the song, vocalist Ross Gordon says:

With ’62′, we are venting frustration at how bleak things are right now. Our generation is spiralling out of control, because there’s no real future for us to look forward to. Our country has been torn in half. 62% of Scotland voted to remain in the EU and we don’t want our country dragged out by any of those opportunistic morons who are tearing apart a nation. We have never been a political band, but I just don’t think we could have stood by and said nothing.