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FEET Unveil New Single ‘Vegetarian Christmas’

FEET get festive with the release of Christmas single.

Feet 2019

It wasn’t just my advent calendar I found myself tiptoeing over to last Thursday morning, but I also found myself excitedly pulling back the door of my Spotify app and over-indulging in the sweet meat-free sounds of FEET’s nut roast inspired Christmas single.

This Christmas miracle comes after the announcement of their very own Clapped Records Christmas Party, which will be held at London’s The Gallery, Tileyard on 14th December. FEET are certainly feeling festive with the release of the brilliant new single Vegetarian Christmas, a tribute to all things Linda McCartney.

The band explains:

‘Vegetarian Christmas’ is about the wholesome alternative. Teach, don’t preach is the songs philosophy. We’re presenting the option and asking what’s on your plate this Christmas? Food and tradition is closely linked in this country and we believe it should not reflect the past without working towards a more positive future. Nothing’s a tradition until it starts. Why not make vegetarianism part of yours this Christmas?