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MELLAH Shares Video for New Single ‘Family Fun’

Mellah offers a controversially humorous 90s Family Fortunes inspired music video for his newest single Family Fun.

Mellah 2020

Undoubtedly one of South London’s underrated additions to the alternative music scene, Liam Ramsden aka Mellah makes a triumphant return with his newest single, Family Fun, lifted from his highly anticipated upcoming debut album.

It’s no news that Mellah’s musical and lyrical content is controversial, so we weren’t expecting anything less from the latest release. No, don’t let its upbeat ‘poppy’ sonics and catchy chorus fool you into thinking this is a joyous song. If there’s one word that could  perfectly summarise what Family Fun stands for, it’s the big C word – capitalism.

If you’re wondering what fuels Mellah’s musical direction to go down the political brutal satire road, it’s his frustration towards the country’s corrupted injustice state that many indecently seem to overlook/praise. “I often feel quite a lot of anger at society and how people seem to ignore injustice just for a cup of tea and a comfy sofa. We consume these sanitised shrink-wrapped little nuggets of reality whereas the rest of the world’s crawling around in the mud. It seems crazy to me that people aren’t angry about it, don’t want it to change,” the singer expresses.

And no we weren’t expecting anything less from the music video either. A 90s Family Fortunes inspired music video that couldn’t possibly be more current as ‘Up next on channel 333 – Supermarket Sweep: Apocalypse Special’ flashes on the bottom of the screen at the start of the show – a humorous headline we would once possibly only see on Black Friday events, turned to daily cruel reality. A few of the questions the families have to answer to win the big prizes: How many people live in poverty in the UK right now? What percent of children in the UK live in relative poverty? And the question that wins it all: How much did Britain’s highest paid CEO earn last year?

Watch the video below to find out what the ‘fantastic prizes on offer’ are:

Mellah will headline his biggest show to date at London’s Scala on 28th of October. Keep an eye on his social media for further announcements of his upcoming debut album.