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THE GHOST INSIDE Announce Self-Titled Album

The Ghost Inside defy fate and take charge of their own narrative by conquering tragedy with unshakeable determination in their new single Aftermath.

The Ghost Inside 2020

The Ghost Inside boys refused to fall and shatter in front of adversity. The video for Aftermath begins with a short news clip describing their bus accident in 2015, only for Jonathan Vigils assertive yell, accompanied by powerful instrumental, to take over the story and turn around its expected bitter end. The band took their misfortune and transformed it into a heroic tale of not only survival, but of undeniable victory against all impediments. They show and talk us through their journey from victims to bulletproof individuals and ultimately a much stronger band that have an important message and an inspiring story to convey: people are unbreakable and where there’s a will there is surely a way. Given that they managed to rise after such a terrifying experience and keep moving forward to be able to live their dream life as musicians, we can only look forward to seeing what glorious adventures await this incredible band of strong-willed superhumans.

Speaking on the new release, bassist Jim Riley shares:

We went into the writing process knowing full well that every song and every lyric would be influenced by what we’ve been through, but we tried our best for them to be relatable to everyone. With ‘Aftermath’ we let it be much more personal – this one is us telling OUR story. So when it was time to choose a first song to share with the world, it felt right for it to be ‘Aftermath’. It allows anyone that listens into our world, but it also lets us put final punctuation on that chapter of our lives. ‘Aftermath’ is a total catharsis for us. We let it all out in the song so that it’s not bottled up inside us anymore and we can heal and move on, since after all, the beat goes on.

The Ghost Inside will release their fifth studio album on June 5th via Epitaph Records.

The Ghost Inside Album 2020


1. 1333

2. Still Alive

3. The Outcast

4. Pressure Point

5. Overexposure

6. Make Or Break

7. Unseen

8. One Choice

9. Phoenix Rise

10. Begin Again

11. Aftermath