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EVANESCENCE Announce New Album ‘The Bitter Truth’

Evanescence break through the frozen time and return to the scene with a double edged song, Wasted On You.

Evanescence 2020

Evanescence have announced their first new album in nine years, The Bitter Truth, set for release later this year.

Even though Wasted On You doesn’t seem to have been originally intended to describe what it feels like being trapped in a quarantine, somehow it’s one of the most emblematic songs for the world’s current situation. But anyhow, being caged feels daunting and hopeless regardless of context, be it in a dead yet unending relationship or in your room for the foreseeable future. The song begins with Amy Lee’s iconic voice, accompanied by her flagship instrument, the piano and it builds up in heaviness as the band joins in one by one and each instrument becomes progressively more aggressive. It all gives voice to a heartfelt introspective monologue, in the dearly missed and candidly honest Evanescence style. The video embraces the song’s intimate vibe, as it is made up of snippets from the band’s daily life, skilfully filmed yet keeping their raw and genuine look after post-production.

Speaking on the new track, Amy Lee shares:

We were recording this music right up until we couldn’t go into the studio anymore, and finished it remotely through file sharing and phone calls. We are still writing and have a lot more work to do on this album, but this time we wanted to release the songs individually, as we create, to live more in the moment with our fans and our music.

‘Wasted On You’ wasn’t the song we were planning to release first, but when the whole world went into indefinite lockdown and everything changed, so did the feeling and meaning of what we wanted to say right now. I didn’t write these lyrics about what we’re all now going through, but somehow that’s exactly what they are.

As far as business is concerned, this is considered a terrible time to release. But we believe that people need music now more than ever. We do, and we’re not going to wait to share it because who knows what tomorrow brings. Who knows if it even comes?