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AVATAR Release Video for ‘Silence In The Age Of Apes’

Our favourite melodic death metal joker is not laughing anymore in Avatar’s new Silence In The Age Of Apes.


An era of comical take on society has come to an end and the new age is looking beyond menacing. Avatar return with a dark and violent tune, Silence In The Age Of Apes, the lead single from their highly anticipated eighth album, Hunter Gatherer, due out August 7th.

Avatar’s new attitude is in completely opposing contrast with the general vibe of their last album: the band is no longer joking, no longer trying to amuse, no longer taking things lightly, no longer looking at society’s tragedies through the lens of humour. Instead, they are painting a terrifying picture of a world overwhelmed by disaster and aggressiveness, whose calamitous atmosphere makes its way into this world through violently blazing guitar riffs, alert and overpowering drums led by imperious and commanding vocals.