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KID KAPICHI Release Video for New Single ‘Working Man’s Town’

Retro yet rejuvenating, Kid Kapichi’s new song Working Man’s Town puts an old story in a new light.

Kid Kapichi 2020

Reminiscing on the gone days when the ‘working people’ were the backbone of the country, or even better said, the ones building the community literally from the ground up, Working Man’s Town takes a modern approach to telling an old story of hard labour for unfitting rewards and of an uncertain future. With a modern sound layered over a retro base in their undeniable, trademark style, Kid Kapichi remind us all how today’s society began and ended up to this point and who we should be thankful to.

Speaking on the new song, guitarist and vocalist Jack Wilson said:

‘Working Man’s Town’ is a song close to our hearts. It tells the tale of the Seaside resorts and industry towns that have been left behind by ‘modern Britain.’ The money may have left but the people remain. Being from the rough and ready seaside town of Hastings, you could say the song is autobiographical, and pays a homage to the strong men and women that create beautiful communities within these areas.