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PREMIERE // VÂN SCOTT Shares Visuals for ‘Almost Gone’

Moving yet energetic in equal measure is Almost Gone, the new single from VÂN SCOTT.

van scott 2021

Scott Oatley, perhaps better known as VÂN SCOTT, has been on our radar for perhaps longer than we may realise. Performing on soundtracks for the likes of High School Musical and Jurassic World, Scott is finally putting himself under the limelight and going solo. In 2019 he began writing and sharing his music, and all that time has led to the release of his debut album, Almost Gone.

The focus track of the album is title track, Almost Gone, that pulls on the old heartstrings, but comes with a soothing energy. A heavily personal track – much like the rest of the songs on the album – it is based on his journey through life and through music. Gentle vocals, and echoey alt-pop instrumentals form as a reflection. Three and a half minutes of beating, boppy melodies evoke a feeling of joy amongst the moving, raw message. The accompanying music video is simplistic but stylistic; close-cut camera angles follow Scott and his perhaps alter-ego around a grey room. Decisions are made, love is lost and re-found, but most importantly life goes on. It’s a gorgeous little track, and it fits beautifully in with the rest of the album.

Speaking on the track, VÂN SCOTT opened up:

‘Almost Gone’ summarises a lot of the personal journey I’ve been on in the last couple of years. The chorus is like a resolute mantra, determined to avoid the pitfalls of seeking fame, favour and success at my own expense. This song is a champion for the happiness and freedom that only comes with remaining true to yourself.