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SIGRID Shares Visuals for ‘Burning Bridges’

Packed full of punch, Sigrid is Burning Bridges in style. Say the name Sigrid, and everybody will tell you how much 2017’s Strangers is an incredible song. They’re definitely not wrong, but there’s so much more to this Norwegian youngster than first meets the eye.

Nadedja 2021

NADEDJA Releases New Single ‘Bittersweet Move’

Raw and vulnerable, Bittersweet Move is the gorgeous new alt-pop ballad from Nadedja. Following her debut at the start of 2020, listeners didn’t hear from alt-pop singer-songwriter Nadedja until almost exactly 12 months later when she returned with Unfold. Now, going into the final part

Will And The People 2021

WILL AND THE PEOPLE Share New Track ‘Animal’

Raucous indie-rock hits hard in Animal, the latest track from Will And The People. The self-proclaimed “best British band ever since The Beatles apart from Niall Horan and his band” Will And The People are a Brighton-based quartet. Forming in 2010, these boys have become

Lili Joy

LILI JOY Releases Sweet Single ‘Dandelion’

Evoking a feeling of pure joy is Dandelion, the sunny new single from Lili Joy Only 18, Californian Lili Joy is a “teenager with a unique artistry,” and has done a lovely little job at establishing herself and her sound. From appearing on The Voice,


OSKAR SVALIN Debuts With ‘Trampoline’

Not as bouncy as its name suggests, Trampoline is the emotive debut ballad from Oskar Svalin. Releasing a debut single is always scary. How are people going to react? What’s the reception going to be like? Is it good enough? These are all thoughts that


TARBOX Release New Single ‘White Lie’

Hitting the ground running with their debut, Canadian quartet Tarbox are back with the grunge-y White Lie. It’s occurring more and more regularly that bands are forming as a result of solo artists coming together and deciding they could create some magic, and that’s exactly