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Gengahr drop the new banger EP “Tired Eyes”

Surprise, surprise. It’s all about Gengahr again. You should be aware by now that I am massively obsessed with this group. They are beautiful human beings making extraordinary and magnificent music. My admiration for their talent is endless and I will never fall out of this love. This I can promise.


Yesterday the band dropped the new EP Tired Eyes. Just like that. Without a warning! Nothing. Nada. I didn’t have time to prepare emotionally for that. But what a treat, indeed! Well, as they explained to me – they do what they want.

The extended play, kept in a well-known soothing harmonies, features a live favourite track Tired Eyes plus two unheard songs Fade To Black and Loki. The latter were recorded during sessions for their debut album A Dream Outside, which was released earlier this year in June gathering outstanding reviews [if you don’t have it, what are you waiting for?!], but somehow had never seen the day light before. Luckily, guys have found some free time between playing gigs all over the places and have revisited the studio. Moreover, the title track Tired Eyes is a result of a collaboration with Nicholas Vernhes, who has previously produced for Animal Collective, Deerhunter, and The War On Drugs. Gengahr lead singer Felix Bushe made a comment about their teamwork:

We have been huge admirers of Nicholas Vernhes and all the incredible records he has produced and recorded, it was a real dream come true to find that he was a fan of what we were doing and be given the opportunity to work together and a song of ours.

Nevertheless, that’s not all. Gengahr are releasing a deluxe edition of A Dream Outside on Wednesday September 30 which will include the entire Tired Eyes EP and b-side Hunter with Fugazi cover I’m So Tired.

Oh and happy birthday to Felix today! Sending all my love. Have a great one!

Stream the track Tired Eyes below and get the EP in full here. Also don’t forget to catch Gengahr on their UK and European headline tour starting this October!