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TWIN ATLANTIC Gig Review // Scala

TWIN ATLANTIC play a sold out show at Scala in London.

The summer in the city can be a little bit tricky sometimes. The school is over, some of your mates have gone on holidays, all of your favourite bands are playing at festivals somewhere in the middle of a field, far away from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Luckily, the Glasgow pop-punk rockers Twin Atlantic have found some spare time in their busy festival diary for a quick tour around the country. Having sold out London’s Scala, they only proved that July is just about right for a sweaty indoor gig.

The song Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator makes a grand opening to Twin Atlantic‘s highly-anticipated fourth studio album GLA as well as tonight’s set. It literally takes a few seconds for Sam McTrusty, the lead singer of the band, to smash the railings and engage with the crowd. Kicking off with sweeping guitars the band make it clear that the show is going to be big and it’s going to be loud.

The crushing riffs and rumbling drums make a substantial base for McTrusty‘s firm, and momentarily rough, vocals when the lyrics I know you’re gonna feel alive, / Hold on, if you can, be strong start to tower over the crowd.

Having jumped from the left to the right side of the stage between the tracks Edit Me and I Am An Animal, he definitely makes an electrifying as well as a provoking frontman whilst conducting the audience. Radiating stage presence surely makes that particular stage look not big enough for this band.

The track What Is Light? Where Is Laughter? is the only cut taken from the band’s debut album Vivarium (2009) but it undoubtedly is a vital accent when reminiscing about the past.

The Scottish four-piece showcases two more songs from the upcoming record, No Sleep and Ex El. Whilst the first one appears to be a perfect fit for a crazy crowd surfing action and already a fan favourite, the other emphasizes a distinct shifting from 2014 Great Divide and turning towards a different direction. Not quite sure what this direction is entirely, but it is something else. Most likely, we are not ready for what’s coming.

However, it is obvious that the fans came down here tonight to hear some of their favourite tunes. As if the crowd has been holding back a little bit until this very moment, the track Make A Beast Of Myself works as a trigger on them. Having gone off to the following Yes, I Was Drunk and the title track from Twin Atlantic‘s sophomore record Free (2011) they do much better with a mosh pit and a singalong.

What’s more, the acoustic version of Crash Land is a definite standout of the set. There’s no doubt about it. Beautifully arranged, with only McTrusty in the middle of the stage and McKenna on his right creating floating harmonies on the violin, you certainly get a feeling that you are a part of something greater, even if that feeling lasts just for one particular song. You are so fucking amazing London. Thank you! – the singer shouts when the crowd clearly sings back every word of the last chorus.

Finishing off with the infectious Brothers And Sisters, the music set stands as a varied compilation of Twin Atlantic‘s biggest tunes with the addition of thoroughly introduced new material. In result, all devoted fans are left with a feeling of high satisfaction whereas all newcomers, well certainly are intrigued and craving for more.

When the lyrics of the closing song, Open up your heart and your soul / Cause if you’re just looking for love / You’ve gotta let me know echo across the venue, every single soul placed in that room makes sure they remember this moment for quite a while.

As for the band, over 400 miles away from Glasgow but this night definitely felt a lot like home.

Twin Atlantic‘s fourth studio album GLA is due for release on September 9th via Red Bull Records.

The band will also embark on a 13-date UK tour starting this autumn in support of this new record. Make sure you don’t miss them this time around!


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Photo: Kasia Osowiecka