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BEARINGS Unveil New Track ‘Petrichor’

Canadian pop-punk quintet to release new EP, Nothing Here Is Permanent, this September.

After joining the Pure Noise Records family and releasing their first single North Hansen, Canadian outfit is back with another taste off of their forthcoming EP, Nothing Here Is Permanent, out in September.

Infectious and nostalgic, Petrichor masterfully embodies the fast-paced soundscape of crushing guitars and relatable lyrics. With only two singles released so far, Bearings surely know how to build up the anticipation before their EP drops next week. Looks like they might still have a few surprises up their sleeves.

Doug Cousins says of the track:

‘Petrichor’ is about all the Nostalgia that comes rushing in when you hear or smell something that reminds you of an earlier, simpler time in life. It’s a strange feeling, because you can never get that back, but every once in a while you get a quick reminder of what those times felt like.

Nothing Here Is Permanent is set for release on September 8th via Pure Noise Records.