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HAIM Reveal Visuals for ‘Little Of Your Love’

California-raised HAIM released new video in a set of stunning collaborations with Paul Thomas Anderson.

Preceded by short film Valentine, that detailed the recording process of several songs off of Something To Tell You, the music video for Little Of Your Love follows similar stylistic patterns that mesh perfectly with upbeat melody and lyrics of the song.

The video, shot completely with film, is layered and raw, with a style similar to a one-shot music video. Although there are transitions between the three sisters and shots, the cuts are all fluid and meticulous. The colours are vibrant, the set is crowded and the entire cast of dancers and extras contribute to what makes a heart-warming escape from the problems of the world.

Viewers also see a return to synchronised dancing from the three Haim sisters, culminating in an adorable crowd jam. The stomps and claps meld with the percussion, drawing the audience into a graceful (and sweaty) end.