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Daily Archives: October 22, 2017


Spreading its marvels across three of Hackney’s most eminent venues, Hackney Wonderland makes a brave attempt to follow up their previous glories. Following up last year’s extravaganza you can’t help but notice the downscale of the event that previously stretched over two days and more

Live // CABBAGE, Norwich Arts Centre

Manchester based Cabbage took a trip down south to play at Norwich Arts Centre on Tuesday for one of the last legs of their ‘Healing Brexit Towns Experiment’ tour. Queen Zee and the Sasstones kicked off the night with their own brand of aggressive, fuzzy

In Conversation with CANSHAKER PI

“Our name derives from pancakes and pie”, we caught up with the Amsterdam-based quartet, Canshaker Pi at their London show. Introducing Canshaker Pi. How did the band come about? Nick: “We went to the same high-school, so we met between the ages of 12 and