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Live // THIRD EYE BLIND, Roundhouse, London

The American rockers embark on UK tour to mark 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut album.

Yep, it really has been 20 years since Third Eye Blind released their self-titled album. With catalogue full of blistering fan favourite offerings and a charismatic stage persona, they took to the stage at Roundhouse last Wednesday night for an impressive headline performance.

The grandiose feeling was filling the room as many excited fans were clinging to the barriers, awaiting their idols to appear on stage. I mean come on, they’re Third Eye Blind, that’s huge! Despite the fact that this year marks 20th anniversary of the album Third Eye Blind, the band delivered truly diverse set choices.

As haunting beat of the intro hit the ether, the loud cheers arose and five figures slowly emerged on stage. With a tinge of gravity and demure appeal, Weightless set the mood on a higher level almost instantly. But it didn’t take long for Third Eye Blind to kick things off on a faster note.

Semi-Charmed Life and Graduate brought along all shades of nostalgia and old school energy, allowing for a massive singalongs. Still sounding fresh, the guitars and drum patterns kept the propulsive rhythmics throughout, with Stephan Jenkins’ vocals towering over the crowd. Whereas Back To Zero and Dopamine were a nod to their most recent 2015’s album, Dopamine, only proving the band’s never fading away flair for catchy punk driven melodic hooks.

Halfway through the set, it turned out the reasons to celebrate were plenty. “We come from San Francisco, and you know what? Today is my birthday”, Jenkins announced and flower bouquet shot straight in the air (well, looked like first rows were totally prepared for this occasion), “and I am fucking excited to spend it here with you. I can hear everyone of you. Thanks for coming”, he continued as massive Happy Birthday chant took over the entire Roundhouse. An emotional moment that will be remembered by many for sure.

“This is a very old song. It’s 20 anniversary…” we heard as Third Eye Blind launched into masterful tempo variations of Motorcycle Drive By. Slowing it down a bit, the acoustic Slow Motion set more melancholic ambience with the audience joining their voices for yet another beautiful singalong.

“We’re gonna play until we’re kicked out of here. This setlist is just… you know, I’ve got some dots here so let me know what you wanna hear”, and of course everyone started shouting their favourite song titles, “I was thinking Deep Inside Of You. We’re all in this together. Does that work for everyone?”. With a subtle guitar pulling, the tune built up to an emotive crescendo as full band came back on stage.

When Jumper filled our ears we knew the show was coming to an end, although it felt like just the beginning, with all the songs evoking a sense of nostalgia and heartfelt memories. London and How’s It Going To Be were just the icing on the cake as they rounded the set off.

With over 20 years of experience, five studio albums in their repertoire and fan base still going crazy for them, Third Eye Blind manage to fuse old school grunge rock with modern influences, delivering a tasteful and satisfying live experience. Hopefully, we’ll meet again at next anniversary show.

Photos: Kasia Osowiecka