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Live // CABBAGE, Norwich Arts Centre

Manchester based Cabbage took a trip down south to play at Norwich Arts Centre on Tuesday for one of the last legs of their ‘Healing Brexit Towns Experiment’ tour.

Queen Zee and the Sasstones kicked off the night with their own brand of aggressive, fuzzy punk; followed by Cabbage favourites, The Blinders, whose political, chaotic rock quickly filled the intimate venue.

Despite the gig not selling out, by the time Cabbage hit the stage the room is nearly filled to capacity. Opening with a number from their latest EP, The Extended Play Of Cruelty, Fraudulent Artist‘s energetic spirit gets the gig off to a quick start, followed by Necroflat In The Palace which sees the night’s first moshpit formation.

Politically charged numbers such as Terrorist Synthesiser and Uber Capitalist Death Trade go down a storm, and newly re-mixed Kevin gets an even louder cheer from the crowd on hearing the opening chords.

Cabbage have been extensively touring and playing shows for the past two years, playing at seemingly every festival and every city, town or village they see fit. They’ve honed in their live performances and have gained a reputation of being energetic, loud, riotous and exciting, and the Mossley band are noticeably growing in terms of popularity and strength.

Photos: Katie Willoughby