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In Conversation with CANSHAKER PI

“Our name derives from pancakes and pie”, we caught up with the Amsterdam-based quartet, Canshaker Pi at their London show.

Introducing Canshaker Pi.

How did the band come about?

Nick: “We went to the same high-school, so we met between the ages of 12 and 15, became friends and started playing music. And that’s been going on for four years now.”

When did things start to take off?

Boris: “We got to release a single with Tender Records, which is a small record label in Holland. That was the first thing we put out there, and it got us to start recording and it generated a little bit of attention.”

Willem: “We did two years of playing, recording and we brought out an album, and two EPs.”

Nick: “We’ve played showcase festival three times, which is a really good place to play at when you want to get your music out there. You get recognised and get to play more festivals.”

Willem: “We did all of the stuff a band would want to do in the Netherlands, and then we were like ‘We’re done here, let’s get the hell out of here!’.”

What’s the story behind your name?

Ruben: “There’s not really a story behind it actually…”

Nick: “Actually there is… just not a very good story.”

Boris: “We just liked the sound of it. It doesn’t mean anything.”

Nick: “It derives from pancakes and pie, that’s all you can really say.”

Have you had any fights or any disagreements?

Ruben: “We’d never punch each other, but we can get pretty snappy.”

Nick: “We don’t believe in violence, we use words.”

Boris: “We don’t really fight about playing music…”

Willem: “It’s all the arrangements around and outside of the music that have to be made, we fight about that.”

Boris: “We’re all pretty lazy, we forget about stuff a lot and can get really angry at each other.”

Nick: “When you’re really good friends and suddenly have to sort everything out – work with each other and be colleagues – it’s really weird. But we’re lucky we met each other.”

Who’s the messiest in the band?

Ruben: “That’d be Nick.”

Willem: “Or maybe Ruben…”

Ruben: “My room can be a bit of a shithole. But it’s actually okay now! I redecorated.”

Willem: “We basically have five types of messy, and Ruben is messiest at like three of them… there’s of messy such as being messy with your stuff, or having bad organisation skills, or bad time keeping skills – Ruben’s pretty bad at those things too.”

What is the one thing about you guys that no one knows?

Ruben: “We’re pretty open.”

Boris: “That’s a hard question.”

Nick: “He [Willem] can’t smell.”

Willem: “We actually met someone’s mum who had the same problem after a gig, I never really meet people with the same problem.”

Tell us about your latest release.

Nick: “It’s called ‘Indie Academy.’”

Boris: “It’s a single we’ve released ourselves back in The Netherlands, and it’s out now on all of the internet things.”

Nick: “It was funny to write it, because we were on an Island off The Netherlands mainland, and we were there for two weeks just to write and record songs. Willem had the idea for this song, but he didn’t have a proper arrangement for it.”

Boris: “We had a lot of fun putting it together and arranging it – the weather was great and we got to swim and go to the beach a lot.”

What are your plans for the near future?

Boris: “We’re going to be touring for the next four weeks, and then we’re going to be releasing a single – at least that’s the plan.”

Willem: “Yeah we’re going to release another single called ‘Pressure From Above’.”

Photos: Hannah Ellison