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STARCRAWLER Announce Self-Titled Debut Album

Our favourite Cali-weirdos, Starcrawler have just confirmed details of their self-titled debut album, arriving in January next year.

The LA rockers spill the beans on their forthcoming debut, Starcrawler. The album announcement came with brand new single I Love LA and a pretty cool music video.

To release their debut less than a year after their first single is quite impressive, and bearing in mind that their debut is recorded with non-other than Ryan Adams, it’s seems like Starcrawler have everything going for them.

The new single, I Love LA bases of the same classic rock terminology as their previous. The combination of raw power, fuzzy, staggering guitar and hammering drums incarnates elements from rock eras long gone, all whilst still offering something new to the picture.

Talking to Noisey, Arrow de Wilde states that:

It’s (The song) about LA but it’s also about growing up in a place like LA. It’s hard to explain if you don’t live here. A lot of people give it so much shit but I feel like there’s no other place like it. To me, New York and Philly are almost the same thing but I haven’t found another city that’s like LA. Not one. Sunset Boulevard is just one street and you can drive down it and there’s so many changes of scenery; from homeless tweakers to rich small girls to Mexican cowboys to prostitutes. There’s a whole history to old Hollywood and now it’s a toxic wasteland. There’s something so magical about that.

Directed by famed music photographer Autumn de Wilde (AKA singer Arrow’s mom), the video features the band working in a doughnut shack/Chinese food restaurant, seemingly bored to death. They’re also rocking out across various LA locations, such as a wig store and the eminent doughnut place. A Hollywood Boulevard-worthy glam rock performance is what Starcrawler are already known for after all.

Starcrawler is set for release on January 19th via Rough Trade Records.


  1. Train
  2. Love’s Gone Again
  3. I Love LA
  4. Different Angles
  5. Chicken Woman
  6. Pussy Tower
  7. Full of Pride
  8. Let Her Be
  9. Tears
  10. What I Want