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EP Review // CHAPEL ‘Sunday Brunch’

Indie pop duo Chapel have released their Sunday Brunch EP and we can confirm that it is as delightful as the best meal of the week it’s named after.

With this seven-song EP,  Carter Hardin & Kortney Grinwis aka Chapel have quite a few intriguing things to say.

Chapel have accomplished distinct results in a short amount of time as keeping it diverse and fresh are their most notable traits. This defiantly applies to their songwriting also. You only need to feast your ears on We’ve Got Soul, with lyrics like these you can’t help but dance and sing along; “Cause I just wanna chance to break the mold / I’m a boojie ass bitch deep in my bones.” With its playful nature, it will make for a great live anthem for sure.

Plenty of their songs follow this formula as Chapel have boldly mastered the ability to combine the indie-pop sensibilities with frisky synths, making their sound crisp and relevant. That doesn’t mean that they can’t change things up completely and be more emotive and raw. Don’t You Love Me and See You Again surrender to this notion, showing the band’s honest vulnerability which is always respected.

The EP captures heavier moments too with the likes of Fool’s Gold that brings out grittier guitars and escalating drums.

Sunday Brunch tends to weave in and around different genres and ideas, its experimental sound opens up to appeal to a large range of audiences. Pop-punk, indie-pop, electronic and even subtle moments with brass and piano make their way in. Is it the band’s true diverse aesthetic or are they unsure what their sound is? We shall wait and see in time but for now you might as well enjoy the fruits of their labour for the positive, and shamelessly sing your heart out to these tunes.