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SPEAK LOW IF YOU SPEAK LOVE Releases Video for ‘Enough’

Rising electro-indie-rock outfit Speak Low If You Speak Love has announced their sophomore album, Nearsighted, out in January next year.

Speak Low If You Speak Love is the solo project from the incredibly talented, multi-instrumentalist musician Ryan Scott Graham, who also plays bass and provides backing vocals in our pop-punk favourites State Champs.

With State Champs’ third record already in the works, Ryan has also confirmed details of the follow-up to his 2015’s debut Everything But What You Need.

Nearsighted is set for release on January 19th via Pure Noise Records and as a first taste of things to come he’s unveiled brand new track, Enough.

Graham says:

‘Enough’ was actually the last song written for the record, after a night of just jamming in the studio. After analyzing each song on the record, we decided it was missing a certain vibe, and ‘Enough’ was the piece that was missing. Not only on the musical side of things, but I also felt as though there were a few ideas left unexplored. The “rush of blood” high that comes with specific relationships had been kicking around my brain for a while and I wanted to put it down to paper. Couldn’t be happier with how the song turned out.

Graham will be taking Speak Low If You Speak Love on the road in 2018, beginning with a U.S. tour supporting Neck Deep.