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BAUM Unveils New Single ‘Effortless’

Los Angeles based pop-rock artist BAUM shares sublime new cut Effortless.

Sabrina Teitelbaum tells the story of a failed relationship in a brutally honest and heartbreaking way. Inspired by a close friend, Effortless is a profound mix of textures and sounds with influences reaching far beyond the comfort zone of her pop sensibility.

BAUM says of the track:

I woke up the next morning and went to the practice rooms at USC and wrote the song on piano. I wrote the verses first and it was going to be a sad ballad – my interpretation of her experience and how she was feeling. Then I got to the chorus and just got so wildly angry and that tempo change and scream thing came out. I guess I turned the song into how I wanted her reaction to be: empowered, focused more on her anger than her sadness. I wanted her to realize her own strength and self-worth, so I wrote that into the song.