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ANTEROS Share New Song ‘Love’

Anteros unveil the pop song you didn’t know you needed.

It’s officially winter, and I’m definitely not alone in getting increasingly grumpy as the days grow shorter and London shows its more hostile weather.

Luckily, Anteros have the perfect salvation from my moody winter blues. Their ecstatic new single, Love contains the perfect balance between ABBA-esque swoons and hard hitting guitar riffs. The glittering electro vibes meet the sharp edge of guitar music.

The liquid sweep of Laura Hayden’s vocals tangle it all together in a bitter-sweet concoction with enough spark to get you through the seasonal depression.

Talking of the track Laura says:

‘Love’ is self-explanatory, really, in the general sense of the word. It’s about putting LOVE first: before race, before fear, before hate, before greed.