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PIZZAGIRL Glows on Debut Single ‘Favourite Song’

Pizzagirl aka Liam Brown emerges with a lo-fi electro-pop delight, Favourite Song.

From the comfort of his Liverpool bedroom, where he writes, records and produces all of his music and visuals, Pizzagirl releases debut track, Favourite Song, inviting us into his kaleidoscopic musical realm.

Soaring on subtle and mesmeric synths, the abundant in its simplicity melody lures us right into the emotive dimension of the tune. Caught up in a swaying rhythm, you’ll easily find yourself completely immersed in the gleaming soundscape, “dancing till the morning”.

Pizzagirl says of the track:

‘Favourite Song’ is my attempt at making a tune that would fit nicely in a Miami Vice/Blade Runner soundtrack. Lyrically, it’s themed around being nostalgic, and seeing a certain person and time through a rose tinted camera lens . Ideally listening to it in 1989 would be best, but as long as you’re cruising down the city streets in a convertible at night then you should hopefully enjoy it just the same.