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MIDDLE KIDS Announce Debut Album ‘Lost Friends’

Middle Kids have a brand new track and video for us titled Mistake and it delivers a great dose of nostalgia.

Beaming with warm rolling drums and joyful hooks there is no doubt that they know how to put together a ripper of a track. Frontwoman Hannah Joy’s vocals have a raw approach that makes Middle Kids‘ music distinctive and startling.

The clip for Mistake is essentially a performance video, captured in an exceptional way. It allows the catchy nature of the song to be even more prominent and more immersive.

Hannah Joy says:

In a time where a lot of division is growing, we want to be part of the conversation that unites people around certain ideals that are universal, like hope and love. That’s so much a thread throughout this album: Even though things are tough, it’s worth believing in something good and in the idea that we can heal. And in some ways, I wanted the music to be beautiful and a respite from what’s going on.

Mistake comes from their debut album, Lost Friends, which is coming out on the 4th of May. To top things off they are heading to London’s Moth Club on the 2nd of April.


01. Bought It
02. Mistake
03. Edge Of Town
04. Maryland
05. On My Knees
06. Don’t Be Hiding
07. Hole
08. Please
09. Lost Friends
10. Never Start
11. Tell Me Something
12. So Long Farewell I’m Gone