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ANNABEL ALLUM Shares Video for ‘Beat The Birds’

Annabel Allum has gifted us with her new video for her latest single Beat The Birds.

Guildford-based artist Annabel Allum headed down to the seaside in Hove to confront those wintery winds. And a few dance moves that are always appreciated by me, even if it’s a slight sway or side step. The clip for Beat The Birds is as energetic as the track itself and we see Allum herself give it all that she’s got. It always makes a trip down to the beach in winter look tempting and the sea good enough to pop in.

Annabel says:

I wrote ‘Beat The Birds’ during a heightened temerarious period of my life. Riding on moments and not consequences, feeling and not thinking. The story of youthful, reckless abandon, morning after morning after morning.

We shot it in Hove… it’s a very underrated place. I always cycle down there when I need some time out. I was really excited to work on this with my wonderful drummer, Emma Hiley who is also the cofounder of context films (creators of this video). Her and Greg are great mates of mine and always make things look wicked. It’s cool cos they get the vision without too much chat about it.