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LYON APPRENTICE Unveil Dreamy New Tune ‘Starlight’

After living in Manchester for a couple of years, Lyon Apprentice have returned to Australia and a brand new pop tune for you.

Starlight is the pair’s new offering and it glistens off any of those winter blues that have been accumulating.

Lyon Apprentice have orchestrated up wistful ballads and hooks that will get you fascinated. The brother duo have done the hard taste of creating something approachable and dynamic at the same time. Where do they go from here? Well, you will have to keep your ears and eyes peeled.

Lyon Apprentice say:

‘Starlight’ was a collection of different ideas that we had floating around for quite some time and continued to manipulate. When it came time to record, we tried not to limit ourselves to a particular genre and let the song naturally come together. It’s definitely a new style for us and lyrically reflects on past experiences that we feel everyone can relate to in some way.