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MAGIQUE Unveils Dazzling New Single ‘Unexpected Friends’

Magique aka CJ Pandit emerges with the otherworldly dreamy pop marvel, Unexpected Friends.

Magique (the musical inception of Oxford/Leicester based CJ Pandit) have released brand new track, Unexpected Friends, that will simply send shivers down your spine.

Everything about this track is perfect. The hazy tone of the vocal layers and the shimmering reverb in the distance, all that alongside the instrumental delicateness blends in a perfect unison. Effortlessly creating an aura of both mystery and exposure, Magique is ticking all the right boxes with his latest tune. Unexpected Friends impresses and fascinates, swirling within its eerie sonic aesthetics.

Magique explains:

‘Unexpected Friends’ is about the whole cycle of friendships and how they end up overlapping and morphing into something quite beautiful. It’s easy to take your circles for granted and how these people came to be around you, so I just wanted to write a love letter to the people that stick by me.

Magique will be touring over the summer, with dates to be announced alongside his already confirmed list of festivals. With an EP on the way too – it’s a very exciting time for the newcomer.


05 – Live At Leeds Festival
06 – Handmade Festival


20 – Truck Festival