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ROO PANES Announces New Album ‘Quiet Man’

British folk singer-songwriter, Roo Panes releases new single My Sweet Refuge and it’s intimately beautiful.

In Panes’ own words, he describes that the song emerged from “a place of stillness, peace and contentment”. Recorded at Deep Litter Studios in the remote, picturesque setting of Starting Point, Devon, it is no surprise that Roo Panes was able to create music that resonates to your core.

The background noise at the opening gives a sense of intimacy that transports you back in time to the recording studio, easily imagining that you are sat opposite Panes as he encompasses you with his warm, soothing vocals and humble acoustic melodies. The song follows the usual ballad formula of a brooding intro before building up to the climax with the introduction of piano, drums and what could easily qualify as an orchestra. My Sweet Refuge is intricate and ambitious, but Panes manages to transform it into something delightfully simple and personal.

My Sweet Refuge gives us a taste of what awaits us with Panes’ third album Quiet Man, released on 15th June via CRC Records.


A Message To Myself
My Sweet Refuge
Sketches of Summer
A Year In A Garden
My Narrow Road
A Gift To You
Quiet Man
Peace Be With You

Panes’ music is best heard in a live setting and he will be playing two shows to accompany the album release so make sure you get a ticket before they are all gone.


21 – Colston Hall, Bristol


21 – Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London