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Live: ANGUS & JULIA STONE // Festival Hall, Melbourne

A night in West Melbourne at one of the city’s most iconic live music venues, Festival Hall, opened its doors to Angus & Julia Stone and a sold out crowd. 

The brother-sister duo defiantly knew how to wow us leaving a lasting impression.

We started the night with a track from their 2010 LP Down The Way titled Draw Your Swords. It was a glorious way to lead us into their world even just for the night. Then transported to the present with Snow & Oakwood. You could feel their energy performing songs from their latest album Snow, released in 2017.

Nothing Else, one of my personal favourites from the siblings, followed and the treatment of it in the live format made it that more radiant. The effortless heart-warming track was like a group hug in that dark venue. Grizzly Bear had the crowd singing along and we all became willing to go anywhere they wanted to take us.

The pair took the time to chat to the crowd and gave some insights into the tracks as they were performed. It brought everyone in the venue closer together and a miraculous thing happened. The whole crowd went completely silent, besides a couple of rowdy punters. It was a Saturday night after all.

“This song was written when we were in LA for a while. And I fell in love. And then we left. And it all ended and it was a very sad time and I wrote this song when we were staying in a place in New York City, a place called Battery Park. We wrote and recorded this song together one night. I guess it’s a song about sometimes letting go of the dreams you have with someone”, Julia explained. “This is a song called Santa Monica Dream.”

Cellar Door picked things back up and got those hips and shoulders moving as vocals bounced back and forth. Angus’s broody vocals matched perfectly to Julia’s ethereal range. Continuing this buzz with Who Do You Think You Are which started to make me think our time together was coming to an end. They had been playing for an hour and a half, but we would of all happily stayed a few more.

Photos: Liz Stephens