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HAPPY. Release Brand New Tune ‘Fishtank’

Packed with catchy riffs and groovy beats, Fishtank is a perfect track for summer days by the pool. 

Fishtank is a follow up to Happy.’s recent release, Winona Ryder.

Starting with guitar chords layered over a funky bass riff, four cymbal crashes lead us into the full band introduction which is sure to get you nodding your head along to it. A catchy chorus will have you singing along as a high range guitar countermelody sets the perfect accompaniment.

It’s an infectious single about being in an unhealthy relationship, but not being able to see the issues from the inside. Elaborating on this, vocalist Tate Logan says:

The line ‘you say you are red flags but please, rose coloured glasses look good on me’ actually comes from a line in Bojack Horseman that goes ‘when you look at someone through rose coloured glasses, all the red flags just look like flags’ and that stuck with me. Sometimes when you’re caught up in a toxic relationship you can be blinded by the comfort of repetition and familiarity, and fail to listen to what your loved ones are telling you. The message is, sometimes the people who know you best really do have your best interest in mind, and sometimes it’s good to listen to them, even if it’s not what you want to hear.