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THRICE Announce Signing to Epitaph Records with New Single ‘The Grey’

Thrice have dropped massive new single to celebrate their recent signing to Epitaph roster. 

Commonly regarded as one of the most innovative rock bands of this generation, Thrice have stunned again with their new single, The Grey.

It’s an evocative track, with self-reflective lyrics such as “I’m learning how to live with doubt / I’m learning how to lean into the grey”, and you can really feel the emotion pierce through you with every word. The instrumentals are equally intense, with furious rhythms, diligent guitar work and indelible melodies. The high vocals contrast sharply with the low-tuned instruments in the chorus, creating a refreshing texture that will send chills up your spine.

Not only have they released a banging new single, but Thrice have also joined the Epitaph Records roster. Speaking about this, the band has said:

We grew up listening to and being inspired by Epitaph bands, and have always admired and respected the label’s independent spirit and ethics… To finally be part of the family there is an absolute honor, and we couldn’t be more excited about our future with them.