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Album Review // 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER ‘Youngblood’

From the get-go, you’ll be pulled in by the sultry beats of Youngblood, which flourishes into a groovy, infectious pop album, marking a new chapter for the Australian band. 

It’s a new chapter for 5 Seconds Of Summer, as they say goodbye to their pop-punk roots and embrace the dazzling world of pop with open arms. Returning with their third studio album, Youngblood, the band tackle themes of love, loss, and everything in between.

Titular Youngblood is a heart-pumping opening track, and you’ll feel the music take over your body with its highly rhythmic beat. Starting off delicately, with vocals and an evocative guitar line, the first hint of the track’s groovy energy is given through the measured finger clicks. The triplet feel created in the pre-chorus gives way to an untiring, thumping beat shaping a catchy chorus that is perfect for dancing. The gripping vocals are complemented by sultry electronic beats, as Luke Hemmings passionately sings about a tormented love. On the surface, this sounds like a light and bouncy track, but as we delve in a bit deeper, the lyrics suggest otherwise.

Following with Want You Back, the first single released from this album and the first indication of the band’s new sonic direction. It encapsulates the more mature mentality of the band. Highly catchy and upbeat, it’s a fun and bouncy track that has elements of both the older and newer sound of 5SOS. An exhilarating guitar solo cuts through layers of vibrant electronics, and the falsetto in the chorus brings airiness to the track that is reminiscent of summer. Yearning lyrics combine with heart-stopping vocal harmonies, and although there’s an undertone of longing, it’s a fun song which will get you shaking your hips and letting loose.

Personally, Valentine was one of my favourite tracks on the album. Seductive strings whisper and breeze through the track, whilst chords mechanically repeat in the background throughout. Drum samples are looped in the verses, but they give way to real drums in the chorus, adding to the larger-than-life charisma of the track. The swanky bass line will completely bewitch you, and contrasted with the high strings and electronics in the chorus, it creates a sensual soundscape that will leave you lusting for more. You’ll be left swooning with lyrics like “We know we’re classic together like Egyptian gold” and “Got nothing but love for you / Fall more in love every day”.

From the RnB influenced If Walls Could Talk to heartbreaking Why Won’t You Love Me, this is an album that packs bangers back to back. Youngblood is the most cohesive and mature work that the band has put out to date, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving.