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Tame Impala The Slow Rush 2020

Album Review // TAME IMPALA ‘The Slow Rush’

Returning with a long-waited Tame Impala’s fourth psychedelic new wave synth-pop album, The Slow Rush, Kevin Parker reflects on his past, ‘seeing his life flash before his eyes’. Five years went past since Kevin Parker officially and deservedly took over the psych pop and indie

EDEN No Future Artwork

Album Review // EDEN ‘no future’

An intimate, retrospective tale on life and solitude, no future paints a vivid image of EDEN’s unique sonic world, transforming his personal stories into universal values. “So, good morning (Good morning)”, croons EDEN, born Jonathon Ng, on the opening track, good morning, welcoming us to

Beach Bunny Honeymoon 2020

Album Review // Beach Bunny ‘Honeymoon’

Bringing insecurity and the reality of heartbreak to the centre with their honest lyrics and defined performance, we’re reminded why Beach Bunny are known for their nostalgic power-pop and heartache anthems. Nostalgia and transparency is the backbone of the indie-rock band, Beach Bunny. They have


Album Review // GREEN DAY ‘Father Of All…’

Green Day defy everyone’s expectations with Father Of All Motherfuckers. No, Father Of All Motherfuckers (or Father Of All… for the ones who prefer the censored version) is not another Trump shame inspired album, but rather the band’s unsurprisingly bold and raw take on ‘the

Gengahr Sanctuary 2020

Album Review // GENGAHR ‘Sanctuary’

Introspective, intimate, and strikingly emotive, the third studio album from alt-pop sensation Gengahr finds the band stronger than ever. Following their previous works A Dream Outside (2015) and Where Wildness Grows (2018), the London four piece are taking us through an emotional and personal journey

Dune Rats Hurry Up And Wait 2020

Album Review // DUNE RATS ‘Hurry Up And Wait’

Coming off the success of their last album in 2017, Dune Rats have returned with their down-to-earth, quirky, nostalgia-inducing third record, Hurry Up And Wait. There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that “the Dunies” do not disappoint. The twelve-track compilation is

Halsey - Manic - album artwork

Album Review // HALSEY ‘Manic’

After months of teasing, catchy singles, and award show performances, Halsey’s hotly anticipated third album, Manic, has entered the world. Following the release of hopeless fountain kingdom in 2017, Halsey has returned from the dystopian worlds she built up in her first two albums with her newest