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Bury Tomorrow Cannibal 2020

Album Review // BURY TOMORROW ‘Cannibal’

Anthemic, cathartic and rebellious, metal heavyweights Bury Tomorrow take a very personal approach to their new album Cannibal, as they take a deep dive into vocalist Dani Winter-Bates’ struggles with mental health to remind us we’re not alone in our journey. Following pre-released tunes such

Grey Daze Amends 2020

Album Review // GREY DAZE ‘Amends’

If we were to explain this album in 3 words, they would be ‘tragic, ‘vulnerable’ and above all… ‘evocative’. Time has come for Chester Bennington’s young self to be revealed to the world in its most true and authentic form. After the icon’s untimely and

Phoebe Bridgers Punisher 2020

Album Review // PHOEBE BRIDGERS ‘Punisher’

On Punisher, the indie cult classic singer/songwriter demonstrates her talents of lyrical storytelling and eerie instrumental imagery to convey her anecdotal wisdom into a universal feeling.  The emo-folk, cult songwriter Phoebe Bridgers released her 2020 album, Punisher after three years of musical refinement where she

Alec Benjamin These Two Windows 2020

Album Review // ALEC BENJAMIN ‘These Two Windows’

Alec Benjamin delivers a picturesque spectrum of personal tales with his dreamlike debut album These Two Windows.  Arizon’a singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin made his music breakthrough only two years ago with his highly acclaimed debut mixtape, Narrated For You, and he’s already managed to sell out

Palaye Royale The Bastards album 2020

Album Review // PALAYE ROYALE ‘The Bastards’

Raw, mad, brutal, honest and vulnerable is a strange cocktail of words but very accurate in describing Palaye Royale’s rollercoaster of an album, The Bastards. There couldn’t be a smoother way of preparing the listeners and introducing them to the madness to be released in

COPE - the shock doctrine 2020

Album Review // COPE ‘The Shock Doctrine’

Cope’s new album The Shock Doctrine is undeniable proof that strong essences come in small packages. Banger after banger, Cope put together an intoxicating debut album, guaranteed to blow up your speakers and fill you with restlessness. With a combination of metal and hardcore, sprinkled