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FAR CASPIAN Share Wistful New Single ‘Let’s Go Outside’

Leeds quartet Far Caspian have unveiled another dream-pop delight, Let’s Go Outside.

Let’s Go Outside is the second track taken from the band’s forthcoming debut EP.

Marrying upbeat instrumentals with introspective lyricism, Far Caspian continue to charm us with their dreamy melodies. Blissful on the surface but melancholic in its core, Let’s Go Outside is a gentle yet unsettled tale. With a pensive aura, the track falls deeper into the matter of isolation and depression.

Frontman Joel Johnston explains:

Although it’s a pretty upbeat instrumental, the lyrics touch on depression and feeling far from something you could call home. The whole EP is loosely based on my experiences of moving to England and feeling a disconnect to living in a new city for the first time.