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HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD Unmask Visuals for New Single ‘Gotta Let Go’

Hollywood Undead have unveiled a new music video for their latest single Gotta Let Go. 

The poignant single has received a visual makeover which certainly maintains the level of emotion provided in the song.

The video for Gotta Let Go alters between two sets of narrative – one shows the band performing, and the other follows the main character in the final moments of his life.

A cool glow surrounds Hollywood Undead as they deliver a raw and authentic performance of the melodic track. Simultaneously, the video follows the last moments of an astronaut’s life, including an ethereal encounter in space as he learns to finally let go of the past. It’s a particularly touching moment towards the end as we see the character hooked up to an IV, slowly dying, as we saw him at one of his highest points just moments before, bathing in a golden glow in space.

Explaining the idea behind the narrative of the story, vocalist and bass guitarist Johnny 3 Tears said:

We wanted the ‘Gotta Let Go’ video to be a visceral experience about letting go of something we all have to part with in the end. Our mortality is what gives life its defining purpose. It’s our greatest gift and our greatest cross to bear. We wanted to capture that delicate legacy in our own way, and this video was our interpretation of life…and its inevitable ending.

The band are set to make appearances at Reading and Leeds Festival this August.