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LANY Unveil Emotional New Single ‘Thru These Tears’

“This is just about being human and going through the ups and downs”, the ‘moon era’ of Malibu Nights has begun.

Following up their last year’s self-titled debut album, Thru These Tears is a first taste of LANY‘s new LP Malibu Nights, which is due later this year.

In a classic LANY’s style, Thru These Tears falls into synth-infused dreamy pop patterns, filled with sentimental hooks that will get stuck in your head for days. Replacing their signature rose aesthetics (“rose era”) with a moon motif (“moon era”), the song truly opens a new chapter for the LA-based trio.

Although the track (and most of the album) was created in the aftermath of frontman Paul Klein’s breakup with Dua Lipa, it hints a hopeful vision for the future. Just as Klein told Zane Lowe on Beats 1, “This is bigger than a breakup album. This is just about being human and going through the ups and downs.” More on the new record has been revealed in the band’s newsletter, as Klein wrote:

damn it feels like forever –

hi everyone, this is paul. i write these old school things called newsletters to update our perfect fanbase on life and what is going on in LANY. i’ll never stop doing it because LANY is my everything and all i care about.

the beginning of 2018 was crazy and kind of awful but also kind of amazing and i threw myself into an environment to write a song every monday thru friday up until valentine’s day. it was the worst of times, it was the best of times… but actually it was the most special of times. i got to spill my guts, talk my face off, gather myself, and write songs that were honest to a fault and cathartic to a saving degree for my soul.

“thru these tears” is especially important. at the time – i was writing it for me. but now that i’m healed and whole, it’s for you. i am 1 in like 7 billion that have experienced some sort of disappointment or pain. but i know more than anyone that therapy is just talking it out. and if i can put into words what most can’t, and give people something they can sing along to and hear themselves “talk it out” to, then maybe i can do my part in making this world a better place.

i love you so much, and this is just the beginning.