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THE BANDICOOTS Drop New Single ‘Shady Lane’

The Canadian quartet whiz us back to the ‘70s with their latest track.

The Bandicoots have always released ‘horribly catchy songs’ – their words, not ours – and Shady Lane is no different in this sense.

With its laid-back beats and sultry vocals, it’s a throwback to the golden era of 1970s rock and roll and you can’t help but be consumed by the infectious energy thrumming through the track. Drawling riffs and smooth falsettos melt like butter in your ears, whilst hypnotic drum beats set the backbone for the track.

The Bandicoots introduce the track by saying this:

A few weeks ago, we hitchhiked back to the 70s. This guy named David Robert Jones was our chauffeur. On the way there, Jones lit a cigarette. He let his shades fall onto the tip of his nose, said he was going to show us something that the people of the 70s would never understand. Jones flicked on the radio, and this song was playing.

“Listen close, boys,” Jones said. “Bring this song to the people of 2018. It will change everything. The whole universe depends on it.”

When we got home, we recorded that very song.

We called it Shady Lane.