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FREE MONEY Share Video for ‘U Got Me’

Bright colours dominate the video for U Got Me, matching the exuberant nature of the track.

Free Money 2018

The latest video and single from Free Money is absolutely delightful; vibrant colours dominate the aesthetic, and on the surface it is seemingly bright and positive, whilst undertones regarding our fascination with monetary wealth add in a deeper layer of analysis.

The East London four-piece prompt you to think about the societal obsession with wealth as explicit scenes of money convey overt meanings that are open for interpretation. The band’s upcoming EP will be released on November 16th, and by the sounds of U Got Me, it will be a treat. The ethos of the band is described as such; ‘by subverting the Regan x Thatcher lust for materialism, the band are allowing themselves to adopt an alter-ego. The yuppy of the 1980s through a modern lens.’

Infectious indie melodies laced with funk influences create a unique sound that will enrapture you and leave you captivated. A catchy chorus will have you singing along, whilst electrifying guitars sear through underneath. Bouncy electronics bring an exuberance to the track, and the falsetto pre-chorus only adds to the feeling of lightness. You’re sure to be left charmed by Free Money; ironic considering the name of the band.

Catch the band at their fast-approaching live dates.


19 – London, For Fuk Sake

20 – London, The Finsbury


04 – London, Notting Hill Arts Club