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DAHLIA SLEEPS Release New Video for ‘Settle Down’

The newest single from Dahlia Sleeps is a cathartic release from daily life. 

Dahlia Sleeps 2018

London outfit Dahlia Sleeps release Settle Down, the second cut to be lifted from their upcoming EP Love, Lost which will be released on December 3rd. Packed with affirming guitars and delectable vocals, it’s an expressive track that will deliver you away from the toils of daily life with its motivational lyricism.

The band’s producer Luke Hester wrote the song, and explains:

Settle Down is a dialog between myself and someone I care greatly for. It’s what I couldn’t say in person. That contradictory place of trying to reassure someone at a seemingly hopeless point, that there’s still hope.

Vocalist Lucy Hill adds to this, saying:

It feeds into a project that is all about seeking truth and honesty and putting it on record – whether that be grief, anger, love. Often things that have been left dormant and unresolved.

The track focuses on the idea of finding strength from difficult situations instead of wallowing in despair, and this optimistic feeling is carried by the reverb-laden guitars and driving percussion. As an opening pump organ sound blossoms into a myriad of different textures, they all combine to create a delightful concoction of warmth and it will give you the strength to keep going forward.