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YELLOW DAYS Presents Stunning Video for ‘How Can I Love You?’

The gorgeous visuals for How Can I Love You? have been revealed, and you can’t help but fall in love with it.

Yellow Days 2018

Yellow Days aka George van den Broek has won us over with his latest visuals for How Can I Love You?.

We follow him on a journey underground, into a variety of lush settings and you’ll find yourself completely transfixed and mesmerised by all of the colourful aesthetics. Directed by Jamie Whitby, it’s meant to represent a dip into the various creative spaces of his mind, passing though the light and the dark layers of his inspiration before we return to the surface for a final jam session with his band. Through pink tones and blue hues, it is a visual masterpiece for a sonic treasure.

The track will charm you with its jazz influences, and it’s a perfect chill out track to lose yourself to. As synths float through the speakers, the laid-back beats will bring an aura of ease as Yellow Days’ unmistakable voice pierces through. Beginning with a jazzy piano intro, it’s almost as if you stepped into a past era before a hypnotising bassline takes over and a variety of textures wash over you. It’s absolutely delightful, and demands you to just close your eyes and lose yourself in the music.

Yellow Days will play at London’s Electric Brixton on October 29th.