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AMETHYSTS Delight with New Single ‘How It Is’

A delightful slice of mellow electro-pop, the new single from Amethysts is a charm that you can’t resist.

Amethysts 2018

Amethysts unveil their newest offering, How It Is, an exquisite electro-pop piece that will wrap around you with ambient tones and sparkling synths.

Dazzles of guitar filter through the haze of electronics, adding a touch of lightness to the immersive track. The vocal harmonies are absolutely stunning, and the subtle blending of male and female voices creates a chilling harmony that will leave tingles on your skin. Working together with esteemed producer Shuta Shinoda, the East Anglians pave their way forward with pop sensibilities and gripping hooks, creating an otherworldly sonic experience full of wonder and radiance.

The band speaks of the inspiration behind the track, and says about the release:

‘That’s just how it is’ is a phrase that’s thrown around all too easily. You can’t manifest anything positive with negativity. Everything can be changed, anything can be the way you want it to be, if you truly believe in yourself and do something about it. How It Is explores modern life struggles, stigmas and tackling self doubt.