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Live: HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS // Electric Ballroom, London

The Ohio quartet took the capital along for an emotional ride as they filled the Electric Ballroom with a selection of emo tunes.

There’s something special about singing cathartic emo tracks live alongside a band that has been monumental in defining the genre, so when Hawthorne Heights brought their music along to the capital on Thursday, it was given that it would be a good time. Frontman JT Woodruff explained “We just want everybody to feel better for half an hour”, and they certainly delivered on this statement as they played a heartwarming set with a mix of old and new material.

Beginning with This Is Who We Are, it was an instant throwback as the electrifying riffs and classic melodies filled the air. Jumping forward into Bad Frequencies, the two songs side by side allowed us to appreciate the sonic evolution of the band as the atmospheric opening riffs immersed the crowd into a melancholic experience. The combination of harsh and clean vocals on the chorus of Niki FM was spine-tingling to experience live, whilst the pace was picked up with Pens And Needles as piercing guitars and dynamic drumwork accompanied impassioned vocals.

Saying Sorry was greeted by some passionate sing-alongs, and as the last notes of the track faded out, JT delivered a heartfelt speech about the way they hope their music can help alleviate some of life’s daily toils. Kicking into new material in the form of Just Another Ghost, the crowd clapped along during the bridge as the snare drum pummels into the crowd. Of course, this would not be Hawthorne Heights without their iconic Ohio Is For Lovers, which JT describes as coming ‘from our home to yours’.

Full of nostalgic tunes, their set was one that indeed allowed the crowd to lose themselves in the music for half an hour, and we look forward to the next time they grace London with their presence.

Photos: Athena Kam